NFL Rejuvenated And Reborn With New Fervor In Madden Mobile

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It’s another season of NFL and I was quite elated with the launch of another fresh season of Madden Mobile. After playing this game for a long time, I remain firm and rooted despite the occasional rounds of iconoclasm that surface for such mobile games. One thing I know for certain is that whether this version will fly to the top or fumble, things will depend mainly on user to user opinions, energy timers, free to play systemizations and user experiences. In hindsight, this version appears to be comparatively much less confining and restrictive like the previous season’s offering. I could freely move and play, and the reward system is way more flexible that many of us had thought.

Madden mobile starts off the in the perfect style and tone. You only get better and better after playing through the crucial guides of this game. The crucial models on offer are for everyone and are totally free. There are live events, season and head to head encounters. In the season format, you’re pitted against specific squads in a certain order. Live events give limited time and special scenarios where you can play for more rewards. When you are in the head to head mode, you’ll be pitted against different players in various non-synchronized matches.

In this context, I have to admit that I’ve been a huge fan of live events of this game. They are for real and can set your adrenalin rush like wild waters. They also provide an effective pathway to get bonus items and are seamlessly and perennially evolving. The best thing for me was that you can participate at your pace and your convenience. The head-to-head format is damn interesting and I like the fact that it doesn’t enable players to postpone everything and heed to the game for a prolonged period of time. The light and sole problem for me was to get forced to rely on certain players for performing well. Just because I don’t know how to hack madden mobile, this could really be bland and boring at times for me.

As you level up, the game’s progression is fairly satisfying. You can earn additional plays for your playbook and purchase new packs of player cards. Shuffling and altering the riffraff is a very gratifying job. That gives you the pleasure and feel of being a GM. The best thing is that you can always sell off or auction any player whom you think don’t fit into your squad. After digging into this game and playing it for prolonged periods, I really wonder if live auctions will ever become a full-fledged game in itself. That’d cater to numerous players, managerial ranks and teams.

Notwithstanding some little letdowns, Madden remains interesting and bench-warming. Talking further on the restriction aspect of the game, it surely has an energy meter, which also runs out in time. You need to wait for it in order to go up again. You resume the game and play more games. And if you don’t like waiting, the madden mobile guide is there to take you to the top. You can obtain resources for free.

SimCity BuildIt Gives you a Run for your Time

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There are a number of free games that are available online and it is not easy to identify the best one that will be useful to spend your time. The SimCity BuildIt is part of the Sim Series that has been in existence for over two decades now. At the beginning of the game, the player is given a piece of land that you can use to expand by building a range of industries, factories and homes. As you start to build, you will also have to provide your citizens with the everyday essentials which include garbage takeout, electricity and plumbing facilities. These are the essentials required to make more people want to reside in your city.


At the onset of the game, it looks a lot simpler than the other Sim series games, which is why more people are attracted towards playing this game. The game requires you to produce raw materials with the help of factories which include seeds, plastic, wood and metal. These materials help you to upgrade your building. You can also create advanced tools and items when you pump these materials through gardening supplies store and hardware store. As you upgrade, you will also need advanced items in order to complete your upgrading process. This also means that there will be a lot of waiting time involved.

Purpose of the Game

The game basically revolves around two major objectives: amassing funds and keeping your citizens happy. These two things are dependent on each other. When your citizens are happy, they will start to pay higher tax and also earn more in the process. This money, which is commonly called Simoleons, are required to not only increase the population, but also to enhance your structures. They will come in handy to help pay for services such as fire, medical and police.

Disasters and Special Items

SimCity BuildIt requires that you need to collect a number of special items and also monitor the activities of the people on a regular basis to ensure that your city is functioning in the right manner without any problem. In case there is any issue, you will have to take the essential precautions and rectify the error that has occurred.

When playing the SimCity BuildIt, you will have to earn a lot of Simoleons which is essential to keep you purchasing the essential items for your city. If you are short on Simoleons, you can also buy the Simoleons with the help of SimCash which in turn can be bought with the help of real world currency. Off course there is another way of getting simcity buildit free simcash by completing game achievements. If you are interested in playing the game, you can download the app and play it for free on your iOS and Android devices. You can also make use of simcity buildit guide to go higher up the level and play the game in a better manner. Basically, the citizens will be the crucial deciders of how your game will turn out. SimCity BuildIt is the ultimate game that you can play if you are looking for an engaging strategic game.